HGDO 2 In 1 Anti Laser Car Radar Detector Dash Cam Car DVR Camera Recorder 140 Degree Dashcam HD 720P English and Russian Voice in DVR Dash Camera from Automobiles Motorcycles

HGDO 2 In 1 Anti Laser Car Radar Detector Dash Cam Car DVR Camera Recorder 140 Degree Dashcam HD 720P English and Russian Voice in DVR Dash Camera from Automobiles Motorcycles
HGDO 2 In 1 Anti Laser Car Radar Detector Dash Cam Car DVR Camera Recorder 140 Degree Dashcam HD 720P English and Russian Voice in DVR Dash Camera from Automobiles Motorcycles
HGDO 2 In 1 Anti Laser Car Radar Detector Dash Cam Car DVR Camera Recorder 140 Degree Dashcam HD 720P English and Russian Voice in DVR Dash Camera from Automobiles Motorcycles
HGDO 2 In 1 Anti Laser Car Radar Detector Dash Cam Car DVR Camera Recorder 140 Degree Dashcam HD 720P English and Russian Voice in DVR Dash Camera from Automobiles Motorcycles
HGDO 2 In 1 Anti Laser Car Radar Detector Dash Cam Car DVR Camera Recorder 140 Degree Dashcam HD 720P English and Russian Voice in DVR Dash Camera from Automobiles Motorcycles
HGDO 2 In 1 Anti Laser Car Radar Detector Dash Cam Car DVR Camera Recorder 140 Degree Dashcam HD 720P English and Russian Voice in DVR Dash Camera from Automobiles Motorcycles

Product Specification

Brand Name: HGDO

Frames Per Second: 20

Assembly Mode: Portable Recorder

Chipset Manufacturer: SQ

Memory Card Required Reding Speed: Class 10

Pixels: 300Mega

Item Type: Car DVR

Screen Ratio: 4:3

Touch Screen: No

Battery: Built-in

Display Size: 3"-5"

Interface: Micro SD/TF

Interface: SD/MMC

Number Of Lenses: 1

Camera Resolution: 1920x1080

GPS logger: None

Special Features: Cyclic Recording

Special Features: LED display

Special Features: Night Vision

Special Features: SD/MMC Card

Special Features: Cycle Recording

Special Features: Radar Detector

Special Features: Time&Date Display

Special Features: Overspeed Reminding

View angle: 105°-140°

OSD Language: Russian

OSD Language: English

Video Format: AVI

Original Package: YES

Imaging Sensor: Cmd Ov

Max External Memory: 32G

Video Code: H.264

Type: 2 in 1 radar dvr


 New Anti Laser Car Radar Detector Mirror Dash Cam Car DVR 

Attention: This Radar Detector Function only can be used in Russia!!!

Radar Detector Auto Video Recorder  for Russia

> Car radar, DVR in 1 item

Operating Range: X, K,CT,Strelka, Laser Band

Customized for Russia. Applies to frequency bands in Russia

Support Fixed speed / Mobile speed Broadcast

Sensitivity Data: Nanotechnology, higher sensitivity and accuracy

Anti-jamming:Signature algorithm to exclude faulty single

360 degree receive signal, wide reception

Speedcam remind of no speeding and driving safely

Made in Korea with skillful car anti radar technology

30.000.00 pieces speed cameras information, covers all over the country

Dual lens Mirror DVR Features


 *Display Screen: 4.3" LCD

*Current Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

*Power Interface: 5V 1A

*G-Sensor: Support

*Motion Detection Function: Support

*Auto-Start: Support

*Loop Recording: Support

*TV Output: NTSC / PAL

*Photo Format: JPEG

*File Format: AVI 

*Microphone/Speaker: Built in

*Memory Card: TF card up to 32GB 

*Language: English, Francois, Española, Portuguese, Deutsch, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

*Dimension: 300*80*15mm/12*3*0.6 inches (Approx.)

Package Content:


--- One Camera Lens: 1* Rear View Mirror, 1 * Car dvr, 1 * Radar Detector, 1 * Car Charger, 1 * User Manual, 1 * Card Reader, 1 * Package Box

--- Two Camera Lens:1* Rear View Mirror, 1 * Radar Detector, 1 * Rear lens with cable, 1 * Car dvr, 1 * Car Charger, 1 * User Manual, 1 * Card Reader, 1 * Package Box



1. Записать доказательства на дороге
Запись с двухканальной фронтальной и задней камеры одновременно, высокое качество 1080p, предоставляет доказательства несчастных случаев, которые могут произойти из-за халатности или кого-то еще.
2. 4.3-дюймовый сенсорный большой экран
4.3-дюймовый экран отображает высочайшую графику и цвета. Большой размер экрана обеспечивает детальный просмотр карты, воспроизведение видеозаписей с передней и задней камеры и простое касание
3.Автомобильный радар-детектор
Обнаружьте любой стабильный или мобильный монитор скорости радио на расстоянии 200-800 м
Безопасное вождение и обход дорожного движения
Точность: более 90% монитора или стабильной камеры
X-10,525 ГГц +/- 100 МГц
K-24.150GHZ +/- 175MHZ
K-24.125 ГГц +/- 175 МГц
Ка-34,700 ГГц +/- 1400 МГц
Ка-33.400 ГГц +/- 1400 МГц
Пожалуйста, подключите автомобильное зарядное устройство после запуска автомобиля, когда вы его используете.


◀ Автомобильный радар-детектор ▶35



1. Для различных локальных полос частот и восприятия чипа радиолокационное угасание не может быть точным на 100% Радарная дата может не охватывать все данные, и мы постараемся обновлять дату каждый год. Пожалуйста, поймите и будьте терпеливы. Спасибо


2. Для успешного использования функции определения местоположения радар должен использовать оригинальное автомобильное зарядное устройство.


◀ 4.3" HD Screen + FHD1080P High Resolution Recording ▶

1920*1080 front dashboard camera and waterproof rear camera guarantee full HD video quality. You can also preview the road clearly whether view the screen from the front or from the side.


◀ Anti-Glare Mirror▶

While recording, turn off the mirror, it will be a anti-glare bule mirror.


◀ Front and Rear Dual Lens + 170°Wide-Angle Lens ▶

The dash camera has 170° front camera and 120°rear camera,monitoring the roads ahead and behind the car simultaneously.



 ◀   Reverse image system ▶
Reverse image system adopts far infrared ray to display rear obstacles and for a clear view in the dark conditions.
◀ Super Night Vision▶
In the dark place also can capture ultra clear picture


◀ Gravity Sensor▶

G-Sensor can lock up current DVR recodering during critical moments (such as car accidents), thus protecting your high-quality recordings.




◀  Loop Recording  ▶

Automatically overwrite the previous recordings with new files except locked files when the memory card is full.



◀   Easy to set up and operate  ▶







Notice:​(Attention: Please read the following carefully, the manual book has some changes, please operate the camera according to the description!)

1.There is no "power" button. When the charger is connected to work, DVR auromatically turns on, when the power is off, DVR will shut down after 5 seconds

2.Please use our original car charger instead of USB cable, car charger can make sure provide enough voltage to work, the built-in battery capacity is small, just used for few seconds delayed shutdown (G-sensor function) 

3.  Its important to use Original memorry Card 16GB/32GB C10.the dvr only support Original SD Card quality! Do not insert the memory card when the dvr turns on; format the memory card before using.

4.This is 2 In 1 Multi-Function Car DVR Camera with Radar Detector support English & Russian version and voice!

5. As Radar detector, it can detect the flow velocity radar, can't detect the fixed velocity radarthere're many different reasons cause problem, like different local frequency, or sensing chip and some other objective reasons, so we can not make sure the radar will work in every area. 

(flow velocity radar: The speed measurement method fixed in one place, such as fixed speed limit road segment prompts and fixed red light photo tips。

flow velocity radar:The flow is actually the mobile traffic police using a secret capture device for speed measurement.A speed-measuring radar capable of detecting temporary installations in a non-fixed position, generally the device itself can detect the radar signal from the speed probe and determine whether there is a radar at the location.)



-How to open radar detector?

- There is no power button, the power button on the camera is radar detector on/off button. Shortly press the radar detector button, shortly press the Menu button to switch Highway mode/ City mode.  

Highway mode: Higher sensitivity to receive radar band from long distance.

City mode: There are interference signals from surrounding in downtown, automatically reduce radar detector sensitivity and shield kinds radar interference signals, used to reduce unwanted warning. 

-How to switch the voice?

-After turning on the radar detector function, then long press the menu button for 5 seconds, it will change the voice. This is 2 In 1 Multi-Function Car DVR Camera with Radar Detector support English & Russian version and voice!

-How to adjust the voice volume?

- Press the UP or Down Button.



Chipset: SQ

Resolution: 720P

Sensor: OV9712

Lens: 140 degree wide angle

Compression format: H.264

Video format: AVI

Display screen: 2.7 inch 

Night vision: support

G-sensor: support

Time stamp: support

Sensitivity settings:(Highway mode/City mode)

Support G-sensor, seamless loop video

Memory card: TF(maximum support 32G)

Packing dimension: 25x10x5cm

Gross weight: 425g

Full frequency radar: K, Ka, Ku, X band

Packing included: car dvr, car charger, suction cup, manual


Package content: Dvr, car charger, bracket, accessories box, package box.


Built-in full frequency radar module:

Police X-band: 10.535G ± 100MHz

Tripod K-band: 24.125GHz &plusmn ±175MHz

Tripod ku-band: 13.450GHz ±125MHz

Police Ka-band: 34.700GHz ~ 36.100 ±1300MHz

Tripod ka-band: 34.300GHz ± 1300MHz

Vg2: 11.150GHz ± 175MHz


Work voltage: DC 12V

Car power supply adapter: DC 12-36V

USB port: Mini2.0

Work temperature range: (-45°)-(+75°)












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Commetns kontaktor-pro.ru :
Sending within an hour after payment. Delivery to stavropol 9 days. I advise everyone a producer.

Thanks to the seller, came quickly to nevinnomyssk 13 days went. but could not find how to configure the radar.

Only as a registrar, otherwise many problems (

It does not work at all, i ordered two neither the first nor the second works. The screen does not work. The second does not work all.

Item arrived very fast 2 weeks mosk obl box not broken perfectly packed the seller super track tracking

Seems to work

The order came quickly. Everything is super.

As a video editor-a great thing. As a radar detector-reacts to everything, even to grandmothers at stops.

Everything is fine, and quickly delivered! I did not expect it!

It is not yet clear how the radar detector works. The box says that there is also a tachograph. In general, it turns on, works, removes well. But not with all functions clear

Thank you. Excellent product packaging. Everything works. I will install the photo

Very good recommend

Prishol quickly, everything on the Russian! I recommend the product, and the seller!

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Everything works fine, packed perfectly not what is not damaged. It was 1 month.

Everything is super, so far everything works, tomorrow i'll go check the anti radar. Delivery to pavlodar region (kazakhstan) for 2 weeks. It's very fast. Usually waiting for the parcel a month and a half.

Product arrived on time thank you very much seller recommend seller

Works properly. The video is good. Radars also catch

Camera is only recognized to other frequency up to recognition does not accurately by the four key

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The order was delivered quickly, about 3 weeks to the vologda region, packed well, tracked, everything works, everyone is happy, the seller recommend ....


As the norm recorder as the radar full g ...... Reacts even to other radars

In appearance, everything works fine, let's see how the radars work tomorrow i will write a review

I went the goods for a very long time, i went somewhere in a month. Ordered along with a flash drive, it was forgotten. The registrar works, but they haven't checked the case yet.

I received the parcel very quickly, it reached rostov in a week. Packed super, instruction on the Russian. I am very pleased, i recommend the seller, he was very worried about his tavar, well done.

It came late, more than 30 days.

Reacts to everything in a row!

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The seller quickly sent, the parcel was 17 days old, the box was slightly wrinkled but everything is whole and working. I recommend the store and the producer...

Not clear operation of the entire device, radar that in the city, that on the track catches everything. The recorder writes it is not clear what and saves without sound


The goods received have not yet checked how to check write

Everything corresponds to the description, came to rybinsk for 3 weeks. we will test

Hello, the goods went 20 days to almaty. Packed very well. We'll see how it will work.

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Recording quality is not quite good

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Thank you! Everything came safe and sound.

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Thank you for the speed of delivery, very good registrar, immediately connected and everything works, talking to the Russian, on the track has not yet used.

It came quickly, the recorder works well, the radar is terrible constantly beeps, says something in english, a maximum of 2 minutes of silence. Turn off does not work, the speaker sealed, soon break and tear it out, the seller returned half the amount.

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Does not work as a radar,

Antirodar does not work

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The description indicates that the registrar with the radar. When i received, i read the instruction in which it is said that the anti-radar function depends on the model. And in the device i received, the radar does not work

The description of the goods does not correspond to the actual state. In the description of the camera hd1080p, and in reality 720 p, and this is a significant difference.

Constantly signals even with a disabled sensitivity sensor in general, underworked in the city disable.

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Thank you

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A good recorder, the video is normal, a convenient shell. Radar so-so, a lot of false positives. The holder is frankly weak. In general, for their money the impression is positive. Thank you.

Radar does not work

Arrived on time, to the seller 5/5, but the device itself is mediocre. The quality is not phenomenal, the radar works at a very short distance. Better take separately radar and dvr

The goods did not receive. But the money was returned

Well packed. The goods received on time. Looks good. Not wow of course. But your money is worth it. Speaks english, not chinese, as many people write. All menu on the Russian, as well as the instruction. As a gift, the seller put the usb adapter, which is very nice, thank you. With the seller it was not possible to communicate. Overall satisfied. How to check in the work, sign off.

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I'm very satisfied

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The memory card is less than 8 gigs does not see, the cord is about 3,5 meters long, the image on the screen is slightly tilted due to the features of the attachment (not very horizontally done). So like the norm, the instruction is true to the Russian-chinese, but the method of scientific staking can be understood.

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